DeVIR, associação de actividades culturais (cultural activities association) has been active since 1994, formalized in 1996 and has the support of the Portuguese State, through its funding programs for the arts, since 1997. In the last 26 years this structure has invested in dynamic programs, focusing on proximity work with the communities. In 1994, they launched the “a sul” International Contemporary Dance Festival. Its 10 editions included creators from Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, India, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Argentina, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Japan. In 2001 the association founded CAPa, Algarve’s Performing Arts Center (Faro), a multidisciplinary structure, with no resident artists, which is dedicated to supporting creation. CAPa's main activity is the Residency Program for Artistic Creation, welcoming national and international creators throughout the year. At the same time, this Center has developed a set of activities, such as cycles for the presentation of performances, workshop programming and co-productions with other similar structures. It frequently welcomes proposals from the local artistic community and develops training programs in different areas, aimed both at the general public and juvenile. In this context, in 2010 it launched VALADOS a training program in the areas of spectacle. Since 2003 it has been a partner of European networks, with emphasis on the IDEE and modul-dance projects. It’s a founding member of EDN – European Dancehouse Network, with the status of European dance house. In 2012, the structure launched the DeVIR meetings, a festival that focuses on the territory and on social and environmental issues, exploring similarities with other realities and geographies, involving the local community and a group of outstanding national and international creators in the arts of the spectacle, image, literature and social sciences.